3 Marketing Trends to Look for in 2017

3 Marketing Trends to Look for in 2017

3 Marketing Trends to Look for in 2017

Previous years have shown no signs of slowing in the online marketing industry. However, things are always changing and 2017 is no exception. Businesses rely on foresight and planning in order to gain a competitive advantage on their rivals. These marketing trends aren’t something you have to be an expert in but they are certainly areas that you should pay attention to.

Virtual/Augmented Reality.

Every video game enthusiast has had the dream of playing their favorite games in virtual reality. It is the ultimate immersive experience that connects the user directly with the digital content. Advertising can utilize this connection with the user and immerse them in an augmented reality of their favorite brands. This is possibly one of the most effective trends we will see in 2017. An ability to connect with your audience on a very personal and intimate level will allow game-changing marketing strategies to emerge. Augmented reality games and ads are the way of the future and professionals like Krystal Perkins thinks so too.

Targeting Niche Markets

Consuming content that is tailor made specifically for you is a very positive experience. Nothing brings in more profits than when your consumer’s needs are highly satisfied. Niche products can yield higher earnings due to their nature of limited availability if the markets that want them are reached. Advertising space, especially online, is flooded with hordes of companies trying to reach as many people as possible, sometimes even just anybody at all. That is why in 2017 we will see a rise in the targeting of niche markets or those that don’t may be left behind.

Slimming Down Content

Content is everywhere and most people are connected to electronic devices throughout the day so it is no wonder why attention spans are shorter than previous generations. Most only read headlines or skim articles. Users favorite, share, and up-vote after 10 seconds of a video. This isn’t due to ignorance or stupidity, users are bombarded with endless content from corporations and individual people daily. It would be impossible to consume every second of content so we naturally filter it out. Due to this nature of inability to absorb as much information as companies would like, marketers will have to slim down their content or get lost in the crowd. Users are very demanding and want their information before they even enter the search terms.

These trends are not as big and scary as they may seem. In fact, many may have seen them coming for some years. However, it is in 2017 we will see these marketing trends get a strong foothold in most consumer’s households. If you can not master them you must at least understand them and develop a strategy that will allow you to remain competitive.